Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 69

Table of Contents
Volume 69 (1), 1989


Bacteria associated with crown and root rot of sainfoin in southern Alberta
S.F. Hwang, R.J Howard and L. Goatcher

Pages 5-8
Crown and root rot of alfalfa in southern Alberta
S.F. Hwang, R.J Howard and E. Moskaluk

Pages 9-12
A cereal-infecting virus from orchardgrass

Pages 13-16
Incidence and severity of snow molds on winter cereals in Saskatchewan, 1985-1988
B.D. Gossen and W W. Reiter

Pages 17-20
Screening of alfalfa cultivars for yield, winter hardiness and resistance to crown and root rot, common leaf spot and yellow leaf blotch in northeastern Alberta
S.F.Nwang and G. Flores

Pages 21-23
Cereals / Céréales
Pages 29-47
Forage legumes / Légumineuses fourraghères
Pages 48-52
Oilseeds and special crops / Oléagineux et cultures spéciales
Pages 53-70
Vegetables / Légumes
Pages 71-78
Tree fruits and nuts / Arbres fruitiers et noix
Pages 79-80
Small fruits / Petits fruits
Pages 81-83
Ornamentals / Plantes ornementales
Pages 84-94
Turf / Gazon
Pages 95-96
Forest trees / Arbres forestiers
Pages 97-100
Volume 69 (2), 1989
Beech bark mycoflora and its distribution in relation to the presence of the scale insect, Cryptococcus fagisuga Lind.
Myriam R. Fernandez and Michael G. Boyer

Pages 101-104
Infection of species of the Gramineae by Erysiphe graminis f. sp. hordei and Erysiphe graminis f. sp. tritici
J.G. Menzies and B.H. MacNeill

Pages 105-108
Incidence of Septoria canker of hybrid poplars in eastern Ontario
Silvia Strobl and Karen Fraser

Pages 109-112
Source of resistance to clubroot (Plasmodiophora brassicae Wor.) in triazine-resistant spring canola (rapeseed)
B. Vigier, M.S. Chiang and D.J. Hume

Pages 113-116
Susceptibility of primocanes of six red raspberry cultivars to late yellow rust [ Puccini- astrum americanum (Farl.) Arth. ]
Margie Luffman and Deborah Buszard

Pages 117-120
Incidence and severity of Melampsora leaf rust of poplar grown under controlled conditions
K.F. Chang, S.F. Hwang and M.E. Neuwirth

Pages 121-124
First report of eyespot [ Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides] in spring barley in Alberta
Stephen W. Slopek

Pages 125-128
Effect of repeated cultivation during summer fallow on Cylindrocladium floridanurn in two Ontario forest nurseries
F. Testa and H.J. Juzwik

Pages 129-134
Cereal Diseases in Prince Edward Island, 1987
J. Mercier and R.A. Martin

Pages 135-138
Incidence and severity of root rot disease complex of field pea in northeastern Alberta in 1988 S.F.Hwang and K.F. Chang
Pages 139-142
Fungi detected on Acroptilon repens (Russian knapweed) during surveys from 1981 to 1988
K. Mortensen and M.M. Molloy

Pages 143-146
Author Index to Volume 69
Pages 147-149