Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 65

Table of Contents
Volume 65 (1), 1985


Page 1
Root rot and wilt of mung bean in Ontario

Pages 3-6
Sclerotinia minor as the cause of lettuce drop in southwestern Ontario
W.R. Jarvis
Pages 7-8
Successful management of potato spindle tuber viroid in seed potato crop
R.P. Singh and C.F. Crowley

Pages 9-10
Colletotrichum acutatum, a new pathogen on western hemlock seedlings in British Columbia
J C. Hopkins, W. Lock, and A. Funk
Pages 11-14
Incidence of root rot and nematodes in barley fields in Prince Edward Island
J Kimpinskiand H. W. Johnston

Pages 15-16
Presence et causes possibles de la coulure des graminees chez la fleole des pres au Quebec
S. Gagné, C. Richard et C. Gagnon

Pages 17-21
Volume 65 (2), 1985
The 1979 blue mold epidemic of flue-cured tobacco in Ontario and disease occurrence in subsequent years
S.K. Gayed

Pages 23-28
Effect of fungicides on Ramularia leaf and stalk spot of rhubarb in coastal British Columbia
D.J. Orrnrod, M.E. Sweeney and L.S. MacDonald

Pages 29-30
Observations on the occurrence of European Canker in New Brunswick
E.N. Estabrooks, K. Lynch and G. W Reed

Pages 31-34
Blackleg and other diseases of rapeseed in Saskatchewan, 1978 to 1981
G.A. Patrie, K. Mortensen and J. Dueck

Pages 35-42
Yield losses in Saskatchewan rapeseed/canola crops from basal stem cankers of blackleg (Leptoshpaeria maculans) in 1982, with notes on other diseases
G.A. Petrie

Pages 43-46
Saskatchewan rapeseed/canola disease survey, 1983
G.A. Petrie

Pages 47-50
Differences in mosiac disease virus profiles between three potato cultivars
John G. McDonald

Pages 51-52
Incidence of a “Take-All Like Fungus”recovered from the crowns stems and roots of winter wheat grown in Manitoba
A. K Sturz and C.C. Bernier

Pages 53-56
Eumartii wilt of potato in Alberta
S.E Hwang and I.R. Evans

Pages 57-60
Evaluation of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, bioassay and dot-blot methodsfor the survey of potato spindle tuber viroid
R.P. Singh, and C.E Crowley

Pages 61-63
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