Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 73

Table of Contents
Volume 73 (1), 1993


The Occurrence of root rot disease complex of alstroemeria in Alberta
K.F. Chang and M. Mirza

Pages 3-8
Response of cultivars and breeding lines of Lycopersicon spp. to Septoria lycopersici
V. Poysa and J.C. Tu

Pages 9-13
Diagnostic laboratories / Laboratoires diagnostiques
Pages 17-52
Disease highlights 1993 Aperçu des maladies
Forage legumes / Légumineuses fourragères
Pages 53-55
Cereals / Cereales
Pages 56-79
Oilseeds and special crops / Oléagineux et cultures spéciales
Pages 80-104
Vegetables / Légumes
Pages 105-108
Tree fruits and nuts / Arbres fruitiers et noix
Pages 109-111
Ornamentals / Plantes ornamentales
Pages 112-115
Volume 73 (2), 1993
Distribution of virulent blackleg on standing rapeseed/canolain Saskatchewan, 1982-1 991
G.A. Petrie

Pages 117-122
Post-harvest surveys of blackleg on stubble of rapeseed/canolacrops in Saskatchewan, 1981 -1991 G.A. Petrie
Pages 123-128
Survey for seed-borne diseases on weed species from screening samples obtained from seed cleaning plants across Canada in 1987/88
K. Mortensen and M. M. Molloy

Pages 129-136
The Prevalence of tomato spotted wilt virus in weeds and crops in southwestern British Columbia
I. Bitterlich and L.S. MacDonald

Pages 137-142
Prevalence of some seedborne fungi on soft white winter wheat seed from Ontario, Canada
R.M. Clear and S.K. Patrick

Pages 143-150
Author Index to Volume 73
Pages 151-152
Ahmed, S. (see Morrall, R.A.A., Beaule, R., Ahmed, S., Downing, J.L. and Pearse, P.G.) 91