Advice on Application Writing

Instructions for Submitting Text and Images:

Text. Text to be submitted to either the CPS News or Website can be sent as attached Word (.doc), WordPerfect (.wpd), or text (.txt) files, or as text directly within the body of an email message.

Images.  Images are best submitted to CPS News as JPEG (.jpg) files with a 300 dpi resolution by the number of inches across (e.g. a large image fitting on a standard letter size page would be 8 inches x 300 dpi = 2400 pixels across). Bitmap (.bmp) and TIFF (tif) images are also acceptable, but file sizes are typically smaller with JPEG compressed formats and, therefore, easier to transmit via email.

Images for the CPS Website are best submitted as JPEG (.jpg) files with up to 500 pixels in the larger dimension. Typical JPG files sizes for the front page rotating pictures are 50 kb.

For further information, please contact the Editors of the CPS News or Website (email addresses above).