Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 66

Table of Contents
Volume 66 (1), 1986


Incidence of wheat spindle streak mosaic in Essex, Kent and Lambton counties, Ontario, 1973-81
L.F. Gates

Pages 1-4
Emergence failure and top decay in white spruce germinants due to three fungi
R.K. Mitt81and B. S.P. Wang

Pages 5-8
Occurence of fusarium head blight and deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin) in two samples of Manitoba wheat in 1984
R.M. Clear and D. Abramson

Pages 9-12
Isolation and characterization of a new necrotic strain (NL-8)of bean common mosaic virus in Southwestern Ontario
J.C. Tu

Pages 13-14
In vitro soil temperature tolerance and field overwintering of soybean bacterial blight pathogen, Pseudomonas syringaepv. glycines
P.K. Basu

Pages 15-18
Comparative tolerance of oat cultivars to septoria leaf blotch and crown rust
R. V. Clark and D.A. Gelway

Pages 19-22
Distribution and severity of Stewart’s bacterial wilt of dent corn in Ontario, 1985
T.R. Anderson and R.I. Buzzell

Pages 23-26
Susceptibility of apple scab resistant cultivars to Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae, G. clavipes andBotryosphaeria obtusa
J. Warner

Pages 27-30
Volume 66 (2), 1986
Page 31
Relationship between root lesion nematodes and potato yields
J. Kimpinsky and K.B. McRae

Pages 33-34
Incidence and etiology of pea rots in southwestern Ontario
J.C. Tu

Pages 35-36
Interactive effects of foliar diseases and fungicide sprays in cultivars of winter wheat in Ontario
J.C. Sutton and G. Roke

Pages 37-42
Albugo candida on Raphanus sativus in Saskatchewan
G.A. Petrie

Pages 43-48
Incidence of soybean mosaic virus and tobacco ringspot virus in southwestern Ontario
J.C. Tu

Pages 49-50
Blackleg and other diseases of canola in Saskatchewan in 1984 and 1985
G.A. Petrie

Pages 51-54
Detection de rickettsoi’des xylemiques dans la verge d‘or au Québec
J.-G. Parent, S. Desjardins et J.D. Brisson

Pages 55-58
Dieback of white birch in central British Columbia
J.C. Hopkins and A. Funk

Pages 59-60
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