Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 70

Table of Contents
Volume 70 (1), 1990


Possibilites de lutte biologique contre les maladies du feuillage et des tiges de la luzerne
Y. Douville, C. Richard et S. Pouleur

Pages 5-10
Populations of propagules of Penicillium spp. during immersion dumping of apples
P.L. Sholberg and G.R. Owen

Pages 11-14
The occurrence of powdery mildew on rutabagas in southern Ontario
V.I. Shattuck and R. Parry

Pages 15-16
First report of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum on Lathyrus sativus
R.C. Zimmer and Clayton Campbell

Pages 17-18
A disease assessment key for Alternaria blackspot in rapeseed and mustard
K.L. Conn, J.P. Tewari and R.P. Awasthi

Pages 19-22
Distribution of virus vector nematodes associated with peach and other fruit crops in Essex County, Ontario
L. Van Driel, J.W. Potter and B.A. Ebsary

Pages 23-26
Diagnostic laboratories / Laboratoires diagnostiques
Pages 31-35
Cereals /Céréales
Pages 36-57
Forage legumes / Légumineuses fourraghères
Pages 58-61
Oilseeds and special crops / Oléagineux et cultures spéciales
Pages 62-86
Vegetables / Légumes
Pages 87-88
Tree fruits and nuts / Arbres fruitiers et noix
Pages 89-95
Small fruits / Petits fruits
Pages 96-101
Ornamentals / Plantes ornementales
Pages 102-103
Turf / Gazon
Pages 104-105
Forest trees / Arbres forestiers
Pages 106-110
Volume 70 (2), 1990
Page 111
Occurrence of blueberry leaf mottle, blueberry shoestring, tomato ringspot and tobacco ringspot viruses in eleven halfhigh blueberry clones grown in New Brunswick, Canada
A.S. Jaswal

Pages 113-118
First report of eyespot [ Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides ] in wheat in the Prairie Provinces
S.W. Slopek, B. Fletcher and T.J. Labun

Pages 119-122
Ascochyta blight in lentil crops and seed samples in Saskatchewan in 1988
S. Bedi and R.A.A. Morrall

Pages 123-126
Occurrence of Peronospora farompsa f. sp. chenopodii on quinoa in Canada
J.P. Tewari and S.M. Boyetcho

Pages 127-128
Verticillium wilt of irrigated alfalfa in Saskatchewan, 1987-89
B.D. Gossen and G.D. Jesperson

Pages 129-132
Diseases of Rubus parviflorus in British Columbia
R.E. Wall and S.F. Shamoun

Pages 133-136
Author Index to Volume 70
Pages 137-140