Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 38

Table of Contents
Volume 38, 1958

Pages v-vi: New and Noteworthy Diseases
Pages vii-xiii: The Weather and Its Influence on Plant Disease
Pages xiii-xvii: Phenological Data – 1958
Pages xviii-xx: Some Records of Plant-parasitic Nematodes encountered in Canada in 1958 – A. D. Baker
Pages xx-xxi: Some Nematodes Observered in British Columbia in 1958 – J .E . Bosher
Pages xxi-xxii: Nematode Diseases in Southwestern Ontario, 1958 W.B. Mountain
Pages 1-8: Diseases of Cereal Crops
Pages 8-9: Cereal Diseases in Central Alberta – W.P. Campbell and W.P . Skoropad
Page 9: Cereal Diseases at Lacombe, Alberta – W.P. Campbell and W.P. Skoropad
Pages 10-12: Common Root Rot (Helminthosporium sorokinianum and Fusarium spp.) – B.J. Sallans
Page 12: Manitoba Barley Disease Survey in 1958 – H.A.H, Wallace
Page 13: The Kelvington Project for the Production of Smut-free Barley – Seed. R.C. Russell
Page 14: Bunt of Winter Wheat in South Alberta – J.S. Horricks and J.E. Moffatt
Pages 14-15: Cereal Smuts in Western Canada in 1958 – W. Popp
Page 15: Dwarf Bunt in Simcoe County, Ontario in 1958 – R.J. Baylis
Page 16: Bacterial Black Chaff of Wheat – W A.F. Hagborg
Pages 16-17: Agropyron Streak Mosaic on Wheat in Ontario – J.T. Slykhuis and R.J. Baylis
Page 17: Barley Yellow Dwarf and Oat Red Leaf in the Ottawa Area – J.T. Slykhuis, F.J. Zillinsky and A.E. Hannah
Pages 17-18: Ascospore Discharge by Leptosphaeria avenaria f. sp. avenaria in P.E.I. in 1958 – Carl Willis
Pages 18-29: Cereal Rusts in Canada in 1958 – B. Peturson, G.J. Green and D.J. Samborski
Pages 30-47: Diseases of Forage and other Field Crops
Page 30: Alfalfa Diseases in British Columbia in 1958 – E.J. Hawn
Pages 34-35: Flax Diseases in Saskatchewan in 1958 – T.C. Vanterpool
Pages 36-37: Flax Diseases in Manitoba in 1958 – W.E, Sackston and J. W. Martens
Pages 37-38: Rape Diseases in Saskatchewan in 1958 – T.C. Vanterpool
Pages 39-40: Diseases of Soybeans in Ontario in 1958 – A.A. Hildebrand
Pages 40-42: Sunflower Diseases in Manitoba in 1958 – W.E. Sackston and J.W. Martens
Pages 43-45: Tobacco Diseases – Z.A, Patrick and L.W. Koch
Page 48-84: Diseases of Vegetables and Field Crops
Page 48-50: Field Bean Diseases in Western Ontario in 1958 – R.N. Wensley
Pages 54-57: Diseases of Greenhouse Cucumbers in Essex Co., Ontario in 1958 – R.W. Walsh
Pages 60-62: Pea Disease Survey in certain Localities in Ontario, 1958 – V.R. Wallen
Pages 70-71: Distribution by Provinces of Physiologic Races of Phytophthora infestans in Canada in 1958 – J. L. Howatt
Page 98: Little Leaf of Potato – D.B, Robinson
Pages 78-81: Diseases of Greenhouse Tomatoes in Essex Co., Ontario in 1958 – R.W. Walsh
Pages 85-103: Diseases of Fruit Crops
Pages 86-87: Ascospore Discharge of the Apple Scab Fungus in P.E.I, in 1958 – Carl Willis
Pages 88-89: Pome Fruit Virus Diseases in British Columbia – M.F. Welsh and F.W.L. Keane
Pages 89-91: Twisted Leaf of Cherry and Ring Pox of Apricot – T. B. Lott and F.W.L. Keane
Page 91: Little Cherry and K.+ S. Disease – T.B. Lott and F.W.L. Keane
Pages 91-92: Yellows and Necrotic Ring Spot of Cherry – T.R. Davidson
Page 93: The Post Harvest Treatment of Peaches for Processing – T.B. Harrison
Pages 94-95: Powdery Mildew of Peach – C.O. Gourley
Pages 98-99: Twig and Blossom Blight of Lowbush Blueberry – C. L. Lockhart
Page 99: Frost Damage to Lowbush Blueberries – C.L. Lockhart
Pages 103-111: Diseases of Trees and Shrubs
Pages 106-108: A Wilt of Cultivated Rhododendron associated with Pestalotia macrotricha Klebahn – J.F. Hockey
Pages 111-121: Diseases of Herbaceous Ornamental Plants
Pages 118-119: Pelargonium Leaf Curl – W.G. Benedict
Pages 122-123: Index of Hosts