Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 55

Table of Contents
Volume 55 (1), 1975


Table of Contents
Volume 55 (1), 1975
Fababean diseases in Saskatchewan in 1973
D. L. McKenzie and R. A. A. Morrall

Pages 1-7
Cooperative seed treatment trials – 1974
J. T. Mills

Pages 8-11
Pythium root rot of barley in southwestern Ontario
W. E. McKeen

Pages 12-14
Virus infection of potato seed stocks in Ontario under commercial insect-control practices
R. G. Rowberry and G. R. Johnston

Pages 15-18
Prevalence of oospores of Albugo cruciferarum in Brassica seed samples from western Canada, 1967-73
G. Allan Petrie

Pages 19-24
A foot and root rot disease of tomato caused by Fusarium oxysporum
W. R. Jarvis, H. J. Thorpe, and B. H. MacNeill

Pages 25-26
A new record of stem and bulb nematode in Ontario
S. G. Fushtey and C. B. Kelly

Pages 27-28
Effect of temperature on the development of Godronia cassandrae f. vaccinii cankers on lowbush blueberry
C. L. Lockhart

Pages 29-30
Diseases of flue-cured tobacco in Ontario and estimates of disease losses,1972- 73
S. K. Gayed and M. C. Watson

Pages 31-35
Oat yield losses from septoria leaf blotch at four locations in eastern Canada
R. I/. Clark, C. O. Gourley, H. W. Johnston, L. J. Piening, G. Pelletier, J. Santerre, and H. Genereux

Pages 36-43
Tolerance of Botrytis cirierea and rose powdery mildew to benomyl
W. R. Jarvis and K. Slingsby

Page 44
Page 43
Volume 55 (2), 1975
Pourridie fusarien et maladies du feuillage chez la luzerne au Quebec en 1974
C. Richard et C. Gagnon

Pages 45-47
Air-borne rust inoculum over western Canada in 1974
G. J. Green

Pages 48-50
Stem rust of wheat, barley, and rye in Canada in 1974
G. J. Green

Pages 51-57
Leaf rust of wheat in Canada in 1974
O. J. Samborski

Pages 58-60
Stem rust of oats in Canada in 1974
J. W. Martens

Pages 61-62
Crown rust of oats in Canada in 1974
O. E. Harder

Pages 63-65
Reaction of strawberry cultivars to clover phyllody (green petal) agent transmitted by Aphrodes bicincta
L. N. Chiykowski and D. L. Craig

Pages 66-68
Diseases of specialty crops in Saskatchewan: 1. Notes on buckwheat and sunflower, 1972-73
R. A. A. Morrall and D. L. McKenzie

Pages 69-72
Incidence of bacterial blight of field beans in southwestern Ontario in 1973 and 1974
K R. Wallen and D. A. Galway

Pages 73-74
Diseases of rapeseed in Manitoba, 1973-74.
R. G. Platford and C. C. Bernier

Pages 75-76
Volume 55 (3), 1975
Olpidium brassicae, tobacco necrosis virus, and Pythium spp. in relation to rusty root of carrots in Ontario and Quebec
O. J. S. Barr and W. G. Kemp

Pages 77-82
Observations on silvertop of grasses in Alberta
B. Berkenkamp and J. Meeres

Pages 83-84
The reaction of Thatcher wheat to Canadian races of stem rust
G.J. Green and P.L. Dyck

Pages 85-86
The nature and control of snow mold of fine turfgrass in southern Ontario
S. G. Fushtey

Pages 87-90
Snow molds on winter cereals in northern Saskatchewan in 1974
J. Drew Smith

Pages 91-96
Diseases of specialty crops in Saskatchewan: II. Notes on field pea in 1973-74 and on lentil in 1973
D.L. McKenzie and R.A.A. Morrall

Pages 97-100
Pythium sylvaticum in Canadian forest nurseries
O. Vaartaja

Pages 101-102
Occurrence of mottle and redleaf components of carrot motley dwarf disease in British Columbia
A.F. Murant

Pages 103-105
Effects of drying on the transmissibility of wheat spindle streak mosaic virus in soils from wheat fields in Ontario
J. T. Slykhuis

Pages 106-108
Proceedings of the 1974 APDW workshop on crown rot of apple trees
D.L. Mclntosh. editor

Pages 109-116
Page 108
Volume 55 (4), 1975
Cooperative seed treatment trials – 1975
J. T. Mills

Pages 117-120
Prevalence of alfalfa crown and root diseases in the Peace River Region of Alberta and British Columbia
J.S. McKenzie and J.G.N. Davidson

Pages 121-125
Potato seed-piece decay: a bibliography, 1930- 1975
J.P. Miska and G.A. Nelson

Pages 126-146
Resistance of turfgrasses to low -temperature- basidiomycete snow mold and recovery from damage
J. Drew Smith

Pages 147-154
Ergot tolerance in spring rye
Frank Sosulski and C.C. Bernier

Pages 155-157
Author index to volume 55
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