Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 67

Table of Contents
Volume 67 (1), 1987


Occurence of Myriosclerotinia borealis on winter cereals in Ontario
E.F. Schneider and W.L.Seaman

Pages 1-2
Fungi isolated from stems and roots of soybean in Ontario
T.R. Anderson

Pages 3-6
A new host and distribution record of Pythium irregulare Buisman, in Canada
D.D. Orr and P. Martin

Pages 7-8
Incidence of pathogenic Mucorspp. in Anjou pear orchard soils in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia
P.L. Sholberg and G.R. Owen

Pages 9-10
Pathogenicity testing of three fungi recovered from roots and crowns of diseased alfalfa in central Alberta
Kan-Fa Chang and P. V. Blenis

Pages 11-14
Longevity of Verticillium albo-atrum within alfalfa stems buried in soil or maintained without soil at various temperatures
P.K. Basu

Pages 15-16
Verticillium wilt of alfalfa in Quebec
H. Nicholls, C. Richard and J.-G. Martin

Pages 17-22
Apostrasseria lunata associated with seedling mortality of western white pine and Douglas-fir in British Columbia
J. Hopkins and A. Funk
Page 23
Volume 67 (2), 1987
Lettuce disease survey in New Brunswick, 1986
Linda Rankin

Pages 25-30
Effects of Cylindrocladium gracile, Fusarium roseum and Plenodomus melitotion crown and root rot, forage yield, and winterkill of alfalfa in north-eastern Alberta
S.F. Hwang and G. Flores

Pages 31-34
Snow mold diseases and their distribution on winter wheat in Ontario in 1982-84
EF. Schneider and W.L. Seaman

Pages 35-40
Prevalence and severity of sclerotinia stalk rot of tobacco on Prince Edward Island, 1985 and 1986 R.A. Martin and W.J.Arsenault
Pages 41-44
Incidence and severity of diseases caused by Botrytis cinerea, Pythium tracheiphilum, and Sclerotinia spp. on lettuce in Quebec, 1985-1 986
R.D. Reeleder and F. Charbonneau

Pages 45-46
Postharvest rot by Coprinus psychromorbidus on apples and pears in cold storage in British Columbia JA. Traquair
Pages 47-50
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