Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 39

Table of Contents
Volume 39, 1959

Pages iv-v: New and Noteworthy Diseases
Pages vi-viii: Maladies Nouvelles ou d’importance notable
Pages ix-xiv: The Weather and Its Influence on Plant Disease
Pages xv-xvii: Plant-parasitic Nematodes in southwestern Ontario – 1959 – W.B. Mountain, R. M. Sayre and J. L. Townshend
Pages xviii-xxi: Some Records of Nematodes encountered on Plant Material in Canada in 1959 – A.D. Baker
Pages xxii-xxv: Phenological Data – 1959
Pages 1-24: Diseases of Cereal Crops
Pages 5-7: Manitoba Barley Disease Survey – 1959 – H.A.H. Wallace
Pages 7-15: Cereal Rusts in Canada in 1959 – B. Peturson, G. J. Green and D.J. Samborski,
Pages 15-18: Cereal Diseases at 24 Locations in Alberta and British Columbia , in 1959 – W.P. Campbell and D. W. Creelman
Page 18: Cereal Diseases in Cooperative Variety Tests in Alberta in 1959 – W.P. Campbell
Pages 19-20: Notes on Cereal and Grass Viruses in 1959 – J.T. Slykhuis
Pages 20-22: Cereal Smuts in Western Canada in 1959 – W. Popp
Pages 22-23: The Occurrence of surfacee borne Smut Spores in samples of Cereal Seed produced in the Prairie Provinces in the crop years 1945-1958 – P.J. Greaney
Pages 23-24: Seed Treatment Survey in the Prairie Provinces – 1959 – F. J. Greaney
Pages 25-42: Diseases of Forage and other Field Crops
Page 26: Report on a Cooperative Field Test to show susceptibility of Alfalfa to Ascochyta imperfecta from natural infection – H. W. Mead, W.C. McDonald, J,B. Lebeau, E.W.B. Ward, N. Colateb
Page 28: Flax Diseases in Saskatchewan in 1959 – T.C. Vanterpool
Pages 28-29: Flax Diseases in Manitoba in 1959 – J. W. Martens and W.E, Sackston
Pages 29-30: Flax Diseases in Alberta in 1959 – J.W.P. Campbell and J.S. Horricks
Pages 30-31: Rape Diseases in Saskatchewan in 1959 – T.C. Vanterpool
Pages 31-33: Diseases and Disorders of Soybeans in Ontario in 1959 – A. A. Hildebrand
Page 34: Diaporthe phaseolorum in Soybean Seed – V.R. Wallen
Pages 34-36: Sunflower Diseases in Manitoba in 1959 – W.E. Sackston
Pages 37-38: Diseases and Disorders of Sugar Beets in Ontario in 1959 – A.A. Hildebrand
Page 38: Field Corn Diseases in Ontario in 1959 – N J. Whitney
Pages 39-41: Tobacco Diseases – 1959 – Z.A. Patrick and L. W, Koch
Page 43-67: Diseases of Vegetables and Field Crops
Page 44-45: Field Bean Diseases in Western Ontario in 1959 – R.N. Wensley
Pages 58-59: Epidemiology of Potato Late Blight in Quebec in 1959 – H. Genereux
Pages 59-60: Distribution by Provinces of Physiologic Races of Phytophthora infestans in Canada in 1959 – K.M. Graham
Page 67: Storage Diseases of Tomatoes in Nova Scotia in 1959 – C.L.Lockhart
Pages 68-81: Diseases of Fruit Crops
Pages 82-85: Diseases of Trees and Shrubs
Pages 86-91: Diseases of Herbaceous Ornamental Plants
Pages 92-93: Index of Hosts