Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 37

Table of Contents
Volume 37, 1957

Pages iv-vi: New and Noteworthy Diseases
Pages vii-x: Maladies nouvelles ou d’ importance
Pages xi-xvii: The Weather and Its Influence on Plant Disease
Pages xviii-xix: Notes on some Plant-parasitic Nematodes encountered in Canada in 1957 – G. L. Brown
Pages xix-xxii: Phenological Data – 1957
Pages 1-9: Diseases of Cereal Crops
Pages 10-20: Cereal Rusts in Canada in 1957 – G. J. Green, B. Peturson and D. J. Samborski
Page 21: Cereal Diseases observed at Experimental Farms in Western Canada – F.J. Zillinsky
Pages 21-22: Incidence of Barley Diseases at Lacombe, Alta – W.P. Campbell
Pages 22-23: Co-operative Barley Tests Survey in 1957 – H. A. H. Wallace
Page 23: Ergot in Cereals in Western Canada in 1957 – R. A. Shoemaker
Pages 24-25: Helminthosporium on Western Grasses – R.A. Shoemaker
Pages 25-26: Smuts of Cereals in Manitoba in 1957 – W. Popp
Page 26: Winter Wheat Disease Survey in Kent County, Ontario – S.G. Fuahtey
Page 27: Winter Wheat Disease Survey in Simcoe County, Ontario – R. J. Baylis
Page 28: Agropyron Streak Mosaic on Wheat in Ontario and the Transmission by an Eriophyid Mite – J. T. Slykhuis and R. J. Baylis
Pages 28-29: General Observations on Cereal Diseases in the Maritime Provinces – D. G. Hamilton
Pages 30-33: Diseases of Forage and other Field Crops
Pages 34-35: Flax Diseases in Saskatchewan in 1957 – T.C. Vanterpool
Pages 35-37: Flax Diseases in Manitoba in 1957 – W.E. Sackston and John W . Martens
Pages 38-40: Rape Diseases in Saskatchewan in 1957 – T.C. Vanterpool
Pages 40-42: Diseases of Soybeans in Ontario in 1957 – A.A. Hildebrand
Pages 43-46: Sunflower Diseases in Manitoba in 1957 – W.E, Sackston
Pages 46-50: Tobacco Diseases – Z. A. Patrick and L. W. Koch
Page 51-92: Diseases of Vegetables and Field Crops
Page 51: Diseases of White Beans in Ontario in 1957 – R.N. Wensley
Pages 62-63: Outbreak of Bulb and Stem Nematode in Ontario – W . B . Mountain
Pages 63-65: The Incidence of Leaf and Pod Spot of Peas Caused by Ascochyta pisi in the Ottawa Valley – V.R. Wallen
Pages 78-82: Some recent findings in Potato Virus Research – R.H. Bagnell
Pages 83-85: Diseases of Canning Tomatoes in Southwestern Ontario in 1957 – W.G. Benedict
Pages 85-86: Tomato Anthracnose in Ontario – W. I. lllman and R. A. Ludwig
Pages 93-111: Diseases of Fruit Crops
Pages 111-115: Strawberry Disease Survey in Ontario. 1957 – A . T . Bolton
Pages 116-121: Diseases of Trees and Shrubs
Pages 122-130: Diseases of Herbaceous Ornamental Plants
Pages 131-132: Index of Hosts