Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 68

Table of Contents
Volume 68 (1), 1988


Change in the Rhizoctonia solani index on the stems and stolons of four potato cultivars during the growing season
R.C. Zimrner

Pages 5-6
Development of Rhizoctonia solani on four fungicide-treated potato cultivars grown in virgin potato soil
R.C. Zimmer

Pages 7-10
White mold of dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L,) in southern Alberta, 1983-87
H. C. Huang, M.J. Kokko and L. M. Phillippe

Pages 11-14
Survey for snow mold diseases of winter cereals in central and northern Alberta, 1983-87
D.A. Gaudet and M.K. Bhalla

Pages 15-22
Relationship between Phytophthora root rot severity index and the percentage of resistant alfalfa plants
P.K. Basu

Pages 23-26
Black point incidence in soft white spring wheat in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan between 1982 and 1987
R. L. Conner and A. D. Kuzyk

Pages 27-32
Pages 35-59
Forage legumes
Pages 60-73
Forest trees
Pages 74-82
Pages 82-90
Small fruits
Pages 91-102
Special crops
Pages 103-128
Tree fruits
Pages 129-132
Pages 133-135
Pages 136
Volume 68 (2), 1988
Page 141
Incidence of rhizoctonia and fusarium root rot of soybean in southwestern Ontario, 1986
TR. Anderson, H. Olechowskiand T Welacky

Pages 143-146
Nematodes in potato soils in New Brunswick
J. Kimpinski and EM. Smith

Pages 147-148
Determining the occurrence of replant disease in British Columbia orchard and vineyard soils by pasteurization
R.S. Utkhede and Thomas S.C. Li

Pages 149-152
Overwintering of stripe rust in southern Alberta
R.L. Conner, J.8. Thomas and A.D. Kuzyk

Pages 153-156
Beech bark disease -A survey of the Toronto area
M.R. Fernandez and M.G. Boyer

Pages 157-160
An evaluation of winter wheat for resistance to the snow mold fungi Microdochiurn nivale (Fr.) Samu, & Hall and Typhda ishikariensis lmai
L.D. Litschko, L.L. Burpee, L.G. Goulty, L.A. Hunt and McKersie

Pages 161-168
Disease survey of commercial orchard in southern Ontario
A. T: Meresz, P. Fisher and C. Thorpe

Pages 169-172
Author Index to Volume 68
Pages 173-177