Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 60

Table of Contents
Volume 60 (1), 1980


Mycoflora and condition of grains from overwintered fields in Manitoba, 1977-78
J.T. Mills and Ch. Frydman

Pages 1-7
Assessment of severity of foliage diseases of cereals in cooperative evaluatipn tests
Luc Couture

Pages 8-10
Barley stripe mosaic in Manitoba in 1978
Arthur W. Chiko

Pages 11-12
A deformity of apples of unknown origin
J.T.A. Proctor and E.C. Lougheed

Pages 13-16
Screening Brassicas for resistance to clubroot, Plasmodiophora brassicae Wor.
Rene Crête and Morgan S. Chiang

Pages 17-19
Volume 60 (2,3), 1980
Quince rust of common juniper in Newfoundland
Pritam Sinyh and Gordon C. Carew

Pages 21-22
Occurrence of soybean foliage diseases in eastern Ontario, 1979
P.K. Basu

Pages 23-24
Chemical control of snow mold in bentgrass turf in southern Ontario
S.G. Fushtey

Pages 25-32
Incidence of Phytophthora root-rot of soybeans in Essex County, Ontario in 1979
T.R. Anderson

Pages 33-34
Volume 60 (4), 1980
Pythium species in alfalfa fields in central Alberta
D. Srelfox and J.R. Williams

Pages 35-36
Current status of little cherry disease in British Columbia
J.T. Slykhuis, J. Yorston, J. Raine, R.D. McMullen and Thomas S.C. Li

Pages 37-42
Soil compaction effect in clay soils on common root rot in canning peas
B. Vigier and G.S.V. Raghaven

Pages 43-46
A chlorotic mosaic of fall hawkbit (Leontodon autumnalis)
R.P. Singh and J.G. McDonald

Pages 47-50
Occurrence of Ascospores of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in areas of central Alberta
Jill R. Williams and D. Srelfox

Pages 51-54
Cracking of Golden Russet apples
J. T.A. Proctor and E.C. Lougheed

Pages 55-58
Effect of dry heat treatments on survival of seed borne Bipolaris sorokiniana and germination of barley seeds
Luc Courure and John C. Surron

Pages 59-62
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