CPS promotes research and education in plant pathology, public awareness of the importance of plant diseases, and discussion of all aspects of plant pathology in Canada and internationally.

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6th International Symposium on Fusarium Head Blight

11th International IPM Symposium

11th International IPM Symposium PARADISE POINT - SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA | MARCH 3-6, 2025 https://ipmsymposium.org/2025/

The Canadian Phytopathological Society

The Canadian Phytopathological Society (CPS) is a scientific society that was formed in 1929 as a nonprofit organization to enable plant pathologists to meet and discuss their common interests in teaching and research of plant diseases. CPS has more than 400 members in Canada and abroad, and the Society is entirely run by volunteers.

Its membership has expertise in all facets of plant pathology, and includes a wide variety of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research associates, technical assistants, extension plant pathologists, research scientists, and professors from federal and provincial governments, universities, and companies involved with plant health.

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Please note that the Société de protection des plantes du Québec (SPPQ) / Quebec Society of Plant Protection (QSPP) and the Plant Pathology Society of Alberta (PPSA) are separate societies and not Chapters of CPS. They are on this site just for the convenience of the plant pathology community. *