Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 40

Table of Contents
Volume 40 (1), 1960

Pages 1-9: Varietal reaction of oats to the Septoria disease under field and greenhouse conditions – R. V, CLARK and R. J. ZILLINSKY
Pages 10-14: Gloeosporium album rot and storage scab of apples – R. G, ROSS and C. L. LOCKHART
Pages 15-17: Control of green algae on English holly – H. S. PEPIN and W. R. ORCHARD
Pages 18-23: The value of seed protection for vegetable crops in Eastern Canada – V. R. WALLEN, G. C. CHAMBERLAIN and L. CINQ-MARS
Pages 24-42: Current status of bramble viruses – RICHARD STACE-SMITH
Page 43: Evidence of soil-borne mosaic of wheat in Ontario – JOHN T. SLYKHUIS
Page 44: Epicoccum nigrum on leaves of winter wheat – W. E. SACKSTON
Page 45: Identity of an incitant of anthracnose in sweet pepper – WM. IRWIN ILLMAN

Volume 40 (2), 1960

Pages 46-47: News
Pages 49-53: Co-operative seed treatment trials – 1960 – J.E. MACHACEK and H.A.H. W.ALLACE
Pages 54-55: Seed treatment survey in the prairie provinces – 1960 – F.J.GREANEY
Pages 56-58: Screening of potato fungicides in 1960 – L.C.CALLBECK
Pages 59-60: Flax diseases in Saskatchewan in 1960 – T.C. VANTERPOOL
Pages 60-61: Rape diseases in Saskatchewan in 1960 – T.C.VANTERPOOL
Pages 61-62: Cereal smuts in western Canada – 1960 – W. POPP
Pages 63-64: Yellow dwarf of barley and red leaf of oats in Manitoba in 1960 – H.A.H. WALLACE
Pages 64-65: A survey of barley leaf diseases in the Prairie Provinces – 1960 – H.A.H. WALLACE
Page 65: Severe loose smut in Pork barley in south – we s t Ontario – S.G. FUSHTEY
Pages 66-71: Some diseases on ornamentals in New Brunswick – G.B.ORLOB
Pages 72-74: Vegetable diseases on muck soils in the Montreal area in 1960 – JACQUES SIMARD, RENE CRETE and THOMAS SIMARD
Pages 75-77: A survey of certain vegetable growing areas in Ontario for the occurrence of root-knot nematode. – R.M.SAYRE
Pages 78-86: Observations on the occurrence of grass and forage diseases in New Brunswick – G.B. ORLOB
Pages 87-91: The effects of the weather on late blight and tuber quality – L.C. CALLBECK
Pages 92-97: Cereal diseases encountered in New Brunswick in 1960 – G.B. ORLOB and R.H.E. BRADLEY
Page 98: 1960 pea disease survey in the Ottawa Valley – V.R. WALLEN
Pages 98-100: Aster yellows in Nova Scotia in 1960 – K.A. HARRISON
Pages 101-103: Some records of plant-parasitic nematodes encountered in Canada in 1960 – R.H. MULVEY
Page 103: Blueberry leaf spot – J.F. HOCKEY
Pages 104-106: Forecasting late blight in the Montreal area in 1960 – THOMAS SIMARD
Page 107: Nematode records from Saanichton, B.C. – 1960 – J.E. BOSHER
Page 108: Resistance of rose varieties to rust – R.G. ATKINSON
Page 109: Resistance of outdoor chrysanthemum varieties to rust – R.G. ATKINSON and W.R. ORCHARD
Page 109: News