Canadian Plant Disease Survey Archive

Volume 58

Table of Contents
Volume 58 (1), 1978



Influence of Paratylenchus projectus on alfalfa sickness in Alberta
E.J. Hawn and G.C. Kozub

Pages 1-4
A yield loss conversion factor for peas moderately affected by fusarium root rot
P.K. Basu

Pages 5-8
Incidence and severity of net blotch of barley and distribution of Pyrenophora teres biotypes in the Canadian prairies in 1976
A. Tekauz

Pages 9-11
Co-operative seed treatment trials -1977
J. T. Mills, G.J. Pelletier, J.G.N. Davidson, L.J. Piening, and J. Nielsen

Pages 12-14
Damping-off in tobacco seedbeds caused by Rhizoctonia solani and Pythium ultimum
S.K. Gayed, D.J.S. Barr, L.K. Weresub

Pages 15-19
 Volume 58 (2), 1978
Occurrence of a highly virulent strain of blackleg (Leptosphaeria maculans) on rape in Saskatchewan (1975-77)
G.A. Petrie

Pages 21-25
Seed potato improvement in Canada
James Munro

Pages 26-28
Barley stripe mosaic in Saskatchewan in 1977
Arthur W.Chiko

Pages 29-30
Natural infection of two new hosts by hemlock dwarf mistletoe in British Columbia
R.S. Hunt and R.B. Smith

Pages 31-32
Distribution and severity of root and leaf diseases and cereal leaf beetle damage of barley in western Ontario R. V. Clark
Pages 33-38
 Volume 58 (3), 1978
Crown rust of oats in Canada in 1977
O.E. Harder

Pages 39-43
Stem rust of wheat, barley and rye in Canada in 1977
G.J. Green

Pages 44-48
Air borne rust inoculum over western Canada in 1977
G. J. Green

Pages 49-50
Stem rust of oats in Canada in 1977
J. W. Martens

Pages 51-52
Leaf rust of wheat in Canada in 1977
D.J. Samborski

Pages 53-54
Page 55
A search for leaf roll virus that does not cause diagnostic symptoms in potato foliage
R.H.E. Bradley

Pages 56-60
The effect of weeds on the value of rotation as a practical control for Verticillium wilt of potato
L. V. Busch, Elizabeth A. Smith, and Fritz Njoh-Elango

Pages 61-64
Peach X-disease in southwestern Ontario
B.N. Dhanvantari and F. Kappel

Pages 65-68
 Volume 58 (4), 1978
Pseudocercosporella capsellae, the cause of white leaf spot and grey stem of Cruciferae in Western Canada
G.A. Petrie and T.C. Vanterpool

Pages 69-72
Control of root and crown rot of African Violet and of Gloxinia caused by Phytophthora nicotianae var. nicotianae
L.V. Busch and Elizabeth A. Smith

Pages 73-74
The effect of chlorothalonil on alternaria leaf spot of crucifers under laboratory conditions
Andres A. Reyes and Austin E. Maitland

Pages 75-76
Mycosphaerella tassiana on Cruciferae in Western Canada
G.A. Petrie and T.C. Vanterpool

Pages 77-79
Ranges of distribution of species of Pratylenchus in Northeastern North America
J.L. Townshend, J.W. Potter, and C.B. Willis

Pages 80-82
Fan-mould of carnation caused by Phialophora cinerescens
A. T. Bolton

Pages 83-86
Occurrence of rubbery brown rot of stored carrots in Alberta
O. Stelfox and A.W. Henry

Pages 87-91
Barley smuts in Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan, 1975-77
P.L. Thomas

Pages 92-94
Cereal diseases in the Maritime Provinces, 1976
K.S. Clough and H.W. Johnston

Pages 95-96
Cereal diseases in the Maritime Provinces, 1977
K.S. Clough and H.W. Johnston

Pages 97-98
Prevalence of six fungal pathogens associated with seeds of rape and turnip rape in Canada in 1976 G.A. Petrie
Pages 99-103
Fungi associated with pole rot of cigar tobacco in Quebec
S.K. Gayed

Pages 104-106
Verticillium wilt in Canadian redbud
H.J. Thorpe and W.R. Jarvis

Page 107
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