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Saskatchewan Regional Group

2016 CPS-SK Regional Group Annual Meeting
December 5, 2016

2016 CPS-SK Regional Group Annual Meeting will be held on December 5, 2016 from 8:00 – 4:30, in the 2nd floor conference room, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Saskatoon Research Center.

Call for Abstracts:

Please prepare your abstract and submit it by email to Yu Chen (yu_chen1@cargill.com) using the Abstract Submission Form. Please indicate oral presentation and/or posters or you want it to be published in the Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology (CJPP). This meeting is a great venue for graduate students to present their work, and we encourage all those interested to participate. There will be a graduate student competition for posters and oral presentations.

*Abstract submission deadline has been extended to Nov. 25th*

Registration: No registration fee is required for attending the meeting. All CPS members and those interested in plant pathology are welcome to attend.

The meeting agenda will be sent to you at the end of November.


Yu Chen
CPS, Saskatchewan Regional Representative
Cargill Limited
701 Central Avenue
Aberdeen, SK S0K 0A0
Phone: (306) 253-3455
Email: yu_chen1@cargill.com



























CPS Regional Meeting Report – Saskatchewan

January 12, 2015


The CPS-Saskatchewan Regional Annual Meeting was held on December 11, 2014 at AAFC Saskatoon Research Center, Saskatoon. The meeting was attended with over 60 attendees including students, plant pathologists, research scientists, technicians, and industry members. Twenty-seven abstracts were submitted while 17 abstracts were for oral presentations and 10 abstracts for poster presentations.

The meeting was started with opening remarks from Dr. Jianwei Zhao, the representative of CPS-SK, by welcoming the attendees, and then followed by two featured speakers. Dr. Lyndon Porter from the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, presented “Resistance in pea to the root rot pathogen Fusarium avenaceum”, and Dr. Randy Kutcher from the University of Saskatchewan presented to us a historical review of evolutionary change in wheat diseases in Saskatchewan titled “A review of wheat diseases in Saskatchewan over the last century”.

CPS President Deena Errampalli addressed her greetings to the meeting via video teleconference. She also  brought updates from the CPS Board on transition of the CPS to Canada NPF Act, CPS website re-design, the Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, the Code of Practice, the reduced meeting registration fees for CPS student members, the reduced CPS membership fee for technicians, and the fostering collaboration with international plant pathology societies and plant protection societies.  Deena’s enthusiasm for plant pathology was very inspiring to the audience and she extended her warm invitation to the audience for the upcoming the “Botany 2015” meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, 2015.

The topics presented at the meeting covered key areas in significant diseases such as blackleg, sclerotinia stem rot, and clubroot in canola, Fusarium head blight and strip rust in wheat, Fusarium root rot and Ascochyta blight in pea, net blotch of barley, and late blight in potato. In each of the crop diseases, in-depth research was presented from pathogenic fungi identification, genetic diversity of pathogenic fungi, phytoalexins as antifungal metabolites, host resistance, and disease management via fungicide and bio-control.

We were extremely pleased to see the active participation from research scientists where presentations were made on up-to-date research on bio-control of potato blight, identification of pathogenic fungi associated with root rot of field peas, molecular marker development and management of clubroot disease in canola, and the application of FTIR technology in dissecting host resistance mechanism in wheat Fusarium head blight. We were very happy to welcome participants from University of Alberta, AAFC Lethbridge Research Center, and Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, and  presentations were made on research from root rot of field pea to barley diseases including net blotch.

Another highlight of this meeting ascribes to the enthusiastic contribution of graduate students. Eleven graduate students delivered fantastic oral presentations in this meeting. Seven students competed for student awards in the oral presentation category, and two for poster presentation awards. All of the presentations were of high quality and it was difficult to separate them apart. After some debate, we decided to give two awards for the oral presentation and one for the poster presentation.  Huy To, a PhD candidate from Department of Chemistry, University of Saskatchewan was awarded first place in the oral presentation category for his talk titled “Novel phytoalexins from crucifers: structure, biosynthesis and antifungal activity”. The second place winner of the oral presentation went to Pree Edirisinghe, Department of Plant Science, University of Saskatchewan, for her presentation “Evaluation of Fusarium wilt resistance in a flax germplasm”. The poster presentation award was given to Gurcharn Brar, Department of Plant Science, University of Saskatchewan, for his poster presentation titled “Races of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici in western Canada”. Congratulations to all!

One new thing we tried at this meeting was to request feedback from the participants. Thanks to those who provided their feedback. This information is of great value for improvements in future meetings.

We thank AAFC Saskatoon Research Center for providing the venue for this meeting. Thanks to BASF, CPS, and Dow AgroSciences for their financial support to this meeting.  Thanks to Lone Buchwaldt and Coreen Franke who worked together with Jianwei Zhao as a local arrangements committee to organize this meeting. Thanks to the judges Faye Bouchard, Diana Bekkaoui, and Godfrey Chongo for their help evaluate students’ presentations.



Jianwei Zhao, CPS regional representative for Saskatchewan


CPS-SK paper prize winner Huy To


Huy To (above) is presented with the Best Student Oral Presentation Prize
by Prof. Robin Morrall at the CPS-SK Regional Meeting