Plant Canada 2024

Program – Plant Canada 2024

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Sunday July 7, 2024: Keynote talk by Sylvain Charlebois, Director of the Agri-Food Analytics Laboratory, Dalhousie University

Monday July 8, 2024:
Plenary Session 1- Plant Biotechnology for a Changing World

Louis-Philippe Hamel (Medicago, Inc: Plant bio-factories for the production of protein pharmaceuticals)
Dan Voytas (University of Minnesota; Genome editing for crop improvement)
Nicola Patron (Earlham Institute; Synthetic biology for metabolic pathway engineering in photosynthetic organisms)

Tuesday July 9, 2024:
Plenary Session 2- Emerging Technologies to Enhance Production in a Changing Environment

Matthew Reynolds (CIMMYT, Mexico: Crop Physiology, genomics and cropping systems)
Eric Patterson (Michigan State: Building weed genomics resources through international collaboration and exciting new discoveries from the genomics frontier)
Sara Martin (AAFC, Ottawa: Changing Environment, Changing Genes: Insights from Weed Genetics and Genomics)

Wednesday July 10, 2024:
Plenary Session 3- Emerging Technologies in plant health

Jan Leach (University Distinguished Professor, Colorado State University) Intergenic spaces: A new frontier to improving plant health)
Dr. Claud Caldwell (Emeritus Professor, Dalhousie University) as the keynote speaker for CSHS. Likely speaking on new crops developed that could respond to environment or other changes
Dr. Brent McCallum (AAFC Morden: TBD)

Plenary Session 4- Emerging Concepts in Plant Biology
Dr. Lacey Samuels (University of British Columbia; Building plant biomass: secondary cell wall biosynthesis)
Additional Speakers TBD

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