Symposium Guest Speakers

Symposium Guest Speakers

Symposia – CPS2016 (PDF)


Symposium 1 – Genomics-based applications in plant pathology

Nicolas Champouret, Team Leader Plant Pathology – Simplot
Title to be determined
Darrell Desveaux, Associate Professor – University of Toronto
Genomic screens to identify next-generation MAMPs and their cognate pattern recognition receptors
Richard C. Hamelin, Professor – University of British Columbia
Genomics applications for biosurveillance of forest diseases
Martin Filion, Professor – Université de Moncton
A new twist on antibiosis: Exposure to subinhibitory concentrations of antibiotics alters the transcriptome of plant pathogens

Symposium 2 – Biovigilance: a framework for effective pest management

Odile Carisse, Research Scientist – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Using biovigilance-based information for strategic and tactical disease management decisions
Lina Quesada-Ocampo, Ass. Professor – North Carolina State University
Using genomics approaches for rapid development of species-specific diagnostics for cucurbit downy mildew
Kirk Broders, Ass. Professor – Colorado State University
The Biovigilante: Monitoring threats to plant health in an era of globalization and climate change


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