Maladies des grandes cultures au Canada, 1re édition, 2004

Maladies des grandes cultures au Canada, 1re édition, 2004

Éditeurs scientifiques: K.L. Bailey, L. Couture, B.D. Gossen, R.K. Gugel & R.A.A. Morrall.

Un guide illustré complet sur les maladies de toutes les grandes cultures au Canada : céréales, oléagineux, protéagineux, cultures fourragères et cultures spéciales. Ce livre est une adaptation et une mise à jour de la 3e édition de Diseases of Field Crops in Canada.

L’ouvrage compte 318 pages, étoffées de 659 photos en couleurs et de 10 schémas de cycles épidémiques de maladies, et se présente en format lettre (216 x 279 mm) avec une couverture souple et une reliure hélicoïdale. ISBN 0-9691627-7-4.

Publié par la Société canadienne de phytopathologie (
Distributeur exclusif : CRAAQ (Centre de référence en agriculture et agroalimentaire du Québec,

Glossaire MGCC

IPMnet NEWS #121 – Book Review 

“For many years DISEASES OF FIELD CROPS IN CANADA served admirably as an important compilation and reference. In 2003, a third edition was published with extensive new information–several crops have emerged
since the last revision in 1988–presented in a contemporary layout. Twenty two chapters address both diseases of major crops and crop groups, such as Brassicas, plus related topics including disease management strategies. Editors K.L. Bailey et al. have drawn on material provided by dozens of experts to build a solid case on the statement that “Everyone is affected directly or indirectly by plant diseases.”

The comprehensive softcover, spiral bound (lay-flat) volume includes detailed identification information and control tactics for almost every pathogen cited, as well as over 650 full color photos and 10 black/white disease cycle diagrams. Designer J. Forrie has deftly enhanced text and visuals with a reader-pleasing graphic format. The 304-page work, while sufficiently technical, serves well as a practical guide for all who cope with plant diseases; it is also broadly applicable to many other regions beyond Canada.”

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