Call for Applications for 2017 Storkan-Hanes-McCaslin Foundation Awards

The Storkan-Hanes-McCaslin Foundation Awards are named in honor of Richard C. Storkan, Gerald L. Hanes, and Robert L. McCaslin. Each had a long history of cooperation with the scientific community, and they were pioneers in developing effective soil fumigation through experimental research.

The foundation was established in 1987 to support graduate student research. To date, more than $495,000 has been awarded to 78 promising scientists. In addition to unrestricted cash awards (which range from $5,000 to $10,000 and can be used for any purpose that will benefit the education of the student including personal expenses), new awardees will also receive round-trip fares to the APS annual meeting and are presented their awards at a luncheon attended by their research advisors, previous awardees, and members of the Foundation Committee.


The 2016 Foundation Award winners were:


Minglu Gao, University of Georgia, Proposal Title: Digging into the Unexplored: Characterization of Beta-Lactamases in Soil-Borne Fungi, with Fusarium verticillioides as Paradigm;

Alyssa M. Koehler, North Carolina State University, Proposal Title:  Identification and characterization of mechanisms for enhanced overwintering survival of Stevia rebaudiana following application of QoI fungicides;

Sanju Kunwar, University of Florida, Proposal Title:  Transgenic expression of pattern recognition receptor EFR in tomato for effective control of bacterial wilt disease in open field conditions;

Kelly R. Paugh, University of California, Davis, Proposal Title: Harnessing the Effect of Planting Date to Control Fusarium Wilt of Lettuce.


A major aim of the foundation is to encourage research by offering financial assistance to graduate students who are working on soil-borne diseases of plants. The research must be done in the United States, Canada or Mexico. Foundation policy is to contribute to the education of the student. Grants are made on a yearly basis and may be renewed upon review by the committee. Since the award is highly competitive, we encourage unsuccessful applicants to update their proposal for future consideration. The research for which the award is given is expected to be performed by the applicant during the academic year 2017–2018, and a one page progress report is due one year from the date of the award. It would be appreciated if the Foundation were acknowledged in research publications stemming from this Award.

To be considered for funding, each proposal should be carefully prepared in accordance with the instructions given below and submitted electronically, no later than May 1, 2017 to:


Dr. Michael Stanghellini (Chair of the Selection Committee), e-mail address:


Please submit:

  1. a one page resume (i.e., a brief education and research background, including a telephone number and e-mail address), and
  2. a short, two–three page research proposal containing a concise statement of the objectives, methods and materials, and projected impact of the proposed research (note: a budget is not required),
  3. a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s major professor or research director.

Preference will be given to those proposals containing innovative, creative, and/or novel research approaches to the stated objective(s), and to the overall quality (organization, correct English grammar and spelling) of the written proposal.  Funding will begin September 1, 2017.