Pest Management Research Report / Rapport de Recherche de la Lutte Dirigee

The Pest Management Research Report (PMRR) is a periodical to facilitate the rapid exchange of information on Integrated Pest management (IPM) among persons involved in research and advisory services on IPM of plant diseases and insect pests in the agri-food sector of Canada. The reports represent all aspects of pest management, including cultivar and management responses, and are available to support the registration of pest control products. In the entomological portion, there is also a section on Surveys and Outbreaks – Insect and Mites. Information on the occurrence and severity of plant disease in Canada and on the assessment of losses from diseases is contained in the Canadian Phytopathological Society (CPS) publication “The Canadian Plant Disease Survey”.

The Pest Management Research Reports, since 1991, can be downloaded through the links below. Reports are published in either English or French. The PMRR are only available in electronic format. Hard copies of the reports PMRR before 1991, and of its predecessor, the Pesticide Research Reports, may be obtained through libraries.

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Pest Management Centre / Centre de la lutte antiparasitaire
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