Plant Canada 2024 Speakers

Claude Denis CALDWELL, PhD

Dr. Claude Caldwell is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences in the Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University and Chief Scientific Officer for Field to Fork Agrisystems Consulting. By formal training, he is a physiological ecologist and plant biophysicist. However, he has been active in agriculture since 1980, when he started as a research scientist with AAFC in Lacombe, Alberta. He has expertise in cropping systems, new crop development and agroecology. Claude has 40 years of experience in cereal and oilseed agronomy in crops that range from bread wheat to hemp. He has published extensively (>100 peer reviewed publications) and continues to work on research and agricultural policy for diversified, sustainable agriculture.
Dr Caldwell has been active in international development work since 1995 and has worked in 11 different developing countries over the past 28 years He has taught and/or developed undergraduate and graduate curriculum in co-operation with universities in Jamaica, Trinidad, The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Gambia, Tanzania, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Uganda and China. He continues to be active in teaching and research with several international colleagues, especially in China.

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